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Re: Seamless!- I'm here!!

written by Seamless  on 13.03. at 06:54:50 - as answer to: Seamless!- I'm here!! by Vic
Seamless- I thought this forum had disappeared. I only just now found it. I'm guessing our other online pals have also assumed the "parsimony/forum27099" had disintegrated into smoke. I've checked every so often for over a YEAR, and just now found this.
Hope you're doing well- please message back if you get this. Perhaps we can rebuild..
           Best Wishes!- Vic

Vic, wow... I'm so sorry that I missed you.  I checked back for a few days after posting and then just imagined it was all gone.  Yeah, Parsimony vanished.  But hey, somehow a memory got triggered and I thought I'd check in again on a lark.  Lookie here, you popped up only a month or two later in 2009.  So it's over 2 years since then.  Maybe you're still lurking?

I somehow thought that Depon recently responded in another thread, as it looked newer than the other posts... but I think I was wrong.  I clicked on "newer messages" and nothing from him shows up in 2008 or beyond.  Bummer.  Well, hope he and his gf are enjoying themselves up in the boonies.

I'll try checking back a little more often.  You can also try me by direct message.  Ever faithfully Seamless (at) usa (dot) com.

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