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Re: The final word: dance belts--up or down?

written by Dr Dancebelt  on 14.11. at 20:04:30 - as answer to: The final word: dance belts--up or down? by 
UP! But don't feel like the Lone Ranger.  When I got my first dancebelt in high school, nobody told me how to wear it either, so of course I assumed that it should be worn "down".  Ouch!  No wonder you guys wear them as little as possible.  I hated the feeling that my nuts were being pushed back into my body, and could hardly wait to get the damned thing off.  However, as the only male, there wasn't anyone around to tell me that there was an alternative way to wear one.  I just assumed the torture was somethng male dancers put up with.

This was more than a few years ago, when dancebelts were made with a flat front panel that narrowed in the back, but did not become a thong.  With that design, they did a great job of flattening out your bulge, but made no acommodation for your anatomy.

Correctly postioned, I actually like the tight secure feeling of wearing a dancebelt, and agree with Dancer Guy that the manufacturers are missing a bigger market by not renaming them and selling them in sporting goods stores for wear under lycra shorts to the gym.  But even if they are satisfied selling to the limited market of male dancers, they should still provide operating instructions:  "When you put on your dancebelt, position your penis in the up position, pointing towards your navel.  It's important to get your testicles and scrotum away from your inner thigh muscles, so reach into the pouch and pull them up also.  Nothing can move once your dancebelt is on and pulling and tugging through your tights is not very effective, so make any comfort adjustments needed prior to putting on your tights."

Give it a try and you'll find your tolerance for wearing a dancebelt goes up dramatically.  I don't know if you feel comfortable talking to the other guys in the dressing room about their penis positioning, but if not, they can learn from your example or you can print out a copy of this message and post it.  Happy dancing!

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