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Re: online stores wiping out local dance stores?

written by Dr Dancebelt  on 16.11. at 06:53:20 - as answer to: How to wear the dancebelt by balletboy
Hmmmm, do you have any empirical evidence of this?  If so, it is a dangerous trend.  In my hometown, the same lame excuses for local dealers are still around.  But, however lame they may be, they do provide a valuable service - fitting shoes and giving dancers a place to figure out what size they are.

I admit to buying all my dancewear online.  I can order exactly what I want, in the size and color I want.  The local store is always "out" of anything I inquire about.  When I was in NYC, I had the glorious experience of being fitted for technique shoes by a total professional.   The size was nothing like I would have expected, but those suckers fit great.  Online stores can't provide that level of service.

I guess my point is that a local store should be able to compete with online stores, but only if they provide the extra service that justifies the extra price they have to charge for a brick and mortar storefront.  My local stores don't measure up.

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