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Re: 13 and wanting to learn but...

written by DancingDoc  on 20.12. at 18:38:22 - as answer to: 13 and wanting to learn but... by Daniel at
5'10" and 174 lbs gives you a body mass index (BMI) of 25.  This is NOT considered "obese."  At age 13, your height, 5'10", is at the higher end of the scale for boys who are 13, but this doesn't present much of a problem, as it appears you have proportional growth, considering your weight.  (At age 13 and 5'10", only about 6% to 7% of other boys at age 13 will be taller than you!)

Joe gave some good advice about training, so I won't add to that.

You asked for e-mail, but didn't give your e-mail address.

I live just outside Chicago.  Chicago is a large area, and there are many good ballet teachers/schools here.  If you could e-mail a more general location (e.g. Schamburg; Oak Park; Lincoln Park), I'm sure I could direct you to a teacher. (To e-mail me, just click on the highlighted "DancingDoc" at the top of the message.

Also be aware of the fact that as a minor (at age 13), you're going to need a permission slip signed by your parent/guardian.  This is because of liability concens among teachers/schools.  If this may be a problem, you may get a teacher to help convince your parents about the values of ballet training. There are male teachers that can help with some of those "man" issues, too!

I also think it's wise to advise you that there are other web-sites that have special groups for younger guys interested in ballet, and you can often find friends that that are more your age.  Try  They have a section of message BOARDS, that includes "Guy's Club" for teens.  When you log on they'll ask you about joining for $10.00, BUT you can read and post on the boards as a "GUEST" without charge.  There's also, and they have special groups, including a teens group and a men's board.  Log on and click on ballet-talk there.  You can join as a junior memeber without charge.

Good luck!  DancingDoc

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