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Re: To be or not to be?

written by Dancecat  on 30.09. at 14:37:16 - as answer to: To be or not to be? by Lupo at
I also want to be a proffessional dancer too....and i only started dancing at 16.Although i want to perform in musical theatre. But i say go for it. You will regret it not doing it i think because u can become a director anytime but u never see old ballet dancers ! mail me if u want i love to chat about dance etc. with u

All the best in whatever u decide to do !!!


>My name is Cristian, I’m 20 years old and here’s my story:>All of my life I wanted to be a film director but also liked ballet, although I never danced until I was 16 when I started training at a studio in Mexico (that’s where I’m from). A year ago I was seriously thinking of studying film making when I had the unexpected chance to study one year in Russia (not in Saint Petersburg or Moscow, I’m not that good). So I spent part of 2000 and 2001 there and I really improved. They thought that I could stay there and finish my training to become a professional dancer. I’ll never be a first dancer, but I could dance on a respectable company. But cinema was still on my head and I decided to return to my country. For the moment I’m studying media production and hope to be admitted in the film school next year. I’m also practising ballet at the studio where I started and I’ll dance on a ballet they’re preparing. But right now I don’t know what to do, because I would love to become a professional dancer, even though that implies not being a film maker. The studio is not the same that a ballet school, and here I don’t have the opportunity to become a professional. That’s why I’ve been thinking of forgetting about the film school and try hard to become a dancer. The problem is that I don’t see a great future on dancing, but is something I desperately need. I think that the main reason why I want to study film making and not ballet is because it is a profession for life and it’s more probably to earn a certain amount of money, while ballet lasts just a few years and I already feel old to study ballet. What do you think? Can a dancer earn enough money to live normally and after stop dancing can still live on ballet? How’s the life of a dancer in different countries (USA, Germany, France, etc.)? Do you think I should try to become a dancer? I would really appreciate your comments.

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