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Re: Stupid Ballet Shoe Question?

written by Tom  on 10.01. at 04:53:17 - as answer to: Stupid Ballet Shoe Question? by RJD
without pictures.  The elastic is a supplement to the laces, not asubstitute.  Some men can get along without it, which is probablywhy it isn't sewn in place for you.  It's intended to keep theback of the shoe from slipping off the heel.  As for how to locateit, best is to look at some dancer with elastic on his/her shoes,or at a picture, if you can find one.  One suggestion is to foldthe back of the shoe down flat against the sole.  Then the sideswill fold out, and the creases indicate the location and directionof the elastic.  Finding that location if you can't see a model isthe first hard part; sewing the elastic in place is the other hardpart.  I finally gave up, attached the elastics with Weldwoodcontact cement, and secured them with a couple of heavy-dutystaples (like Bostitch SB35 1/4).  People in class think I'm crazy,but it looks better than when I sew them, and they have never comeloose on me.

Hope this helps.

Tom Parsons

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