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Re: Swimwear For Male Dancers

written by balletboy  on 03.03. at 03:59:51 - as answer to: Swimwear For Male Dancers by Brief Guy at
When I go to the beach or a pool, I wear a thong swimsuit if possible.  If not, I wear the briefest Speedo I can.  Besides some Speedo thongs, I have a few Speedos that are about an inch or two at the sides.  I prefer the Speedos that have a back seat seem, so they fit tight into my butt-crack.  I work hard to develop my body, and I like to be able to show it off.

I have many different swim-suits.  Some are special.  When I want sun, I really prefer to tan naked.  Sometimes it's hard to find sites where you can tan naked.

Tell me what you prefer.  Do you have trouble finding thong swim-suits?  Trouble finding places where you can wear legally wear them?

One thing I've been known to do is wear a regular Speedo (sides about three inches) and roll up the sides and seat to expose as much flesh as I can tan.  Kind of like the Australian life-savers who roll up the seats to get better "purchase" for their rowing. If you don't know what I mean, I can e-mail you some pictures of the Aussie life-savers.

I hope this answers your questions.  Ballet boys in board shorts...sounds very disappointing.


>What kind of swimwear do you guy dancers wear?  I always read about guy dancers wearing speedos or bikini swimwear but whenever I go to dance pool parties, all the guys are in boardshorts.  So what do you guys wear?  Is it boxers, briefs, bikinis, thongs, or g-strings?

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