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Re: Belt ideas for holding up tights

written by Tom  on 06.05. at 18:25:11 - as answer to: Re: Belt ideas for holding up tights by balletboy
I looked for this at Paragon in Manhattan (which is the mostcomprehensive sporting-goods store I've ever seen), & if baseballplayers wear such a belt, they don't get it there.  But I found ahockey players' belt (Hockey Pant Belt by Pro Guard) that workedjust fine.  One size...would it fit?  (I know a girl who says, "OneOne size fits all applies only to earrings," & I don't wearearrings. [grin])  Yes, it fit; in fact, you would have to be aspectacularly obese hockey player for it not to fit.  It's made ofwebbing & doesn't stretch; nevertheless, I've worn it to twoclasses so far, & it does the job perfectly.

So thanks for the tip, balletboy, even though I didn't follow itcompletely.


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