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Re: URGENT!!! for a perfomance

written by skinnymdancer at  on 03.06. at 18:52:11 - as answer to: Re: URGENT!!! for a perfomance by balletboy
JEjejeje i know what u mean when u say have fun with others male dancers, but I really have 15. Anyway, my height is 5' 9" I think, because that is was the last time i get my height on the doc. Please help me and thanx.

>Hi skinnydancer....>How tall are you?  Height and weight are important to know before we can say you're very skinny.  You might think you are too skinny, and maybe you're not.>And another thing.  Your teacher has given you a pas de duex.  She/he wouldn't have done that if s/he didn't think you could do it!  S/he wouldn't have given it to you if you needed to change so much before the performance.>There are "weight-gainers" (like protein shakes) BUT THAT'S NOT FOR YOU!  Weight-gainers are for body-builders who want to "bulk-up."  They want to build muscle bulk....BUT THAT'S NOT FOR A DANSEUR!  Muscle bulk inhibits flexibility.  A danseurs' mucles work differently than body-builders'.>So get over this skinny thing!  Focus your efforts on the dance!>balletboy>PS: If you're not 15 and trying to have some fun with serious male dancers, you know what you can do!  Sorry if you're really 15 and worried...but as I said above, don't be.>>Hey everyone...I got a big problem, but i dont know how to control it. Im very VERY skinny. I got 15 and my weight is 112. and u cant imagine. I'm more skinny than girls. 26 of w, etc. What the hell i can do with my body??? i have to be in shape to dance a Pas de deux... u know. WHAT I CAN DO???

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