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Re: Son In Ballet

written by Patrick at  on 19.01. at 00:59:14
Fraid i can't help u out with any male ballet merchandise but i can offer some support... I started ballet in Zimbabwe at age 5 and was the only boy in the country for 11 years. I now live in UK and have on regrets whatsoever about doing ballet. It was pretty hard at first because male ballet dancers are not very widely accepted in Zimbabwe and so i was teased and ridiculed a lot but i refused to let it get to me and eventually the teasing stopped altogether. I want to encourage u and your son to keep up the good work! I know it can be very difficult but if ballet is what he really wants to do then he'll have no regrets. It is a fantastic sport and a great way to express feeling (and also to let off some steam!) Carry on giving him your full support and it will be the best thing u could do. My parents support has been an absolute God send, I am so lucky to have them! Good luck!

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