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Re: Re-assuring my son

written by Coffee at  on 13.02. at 13:29:19 - as answer to: Re-assuring my son by Maggie
You'll find lots of relevant information at this excellent site. Lots of advice available from

First, men use a heavier weight white tights made for men. Was that what you son had available?Under white, a tan dancebelt blends better. White dancebelt under white although it sounds intuitive actually makes the problem worse. Men's tights in boy's sizes can be found on the web with persistance.

Two pairs of white tights is a possible solution, too.

Write back if he needs more encouragement.

>My son is 13 and has been dancing for 8 years. Recently he took part in a ballet recital with his school. I recorded his performance and when we watched it back together he was embarrassed because even though he was wearing a dancebelt his white tights became pretty revealing under the lights. I'm worried that he may have second thoughts about continuing his lessons. Is there anything I can say to re-assure him or any practical steps he can take the next time he has a recital.

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