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Re: Son In Ballet (mine too)

written by holly r   on 15.03. at 18:19:49 - as answer to: Son In Ballet by Mom at
My son wanted to dance at 4, so I enrolled him in a tap/ballet combo. At first he liked it, but later he didn't like being just with the girls - no other boys. The other moms were supportive. I had him stick it out until the end/recital, and had a trophy made for him (all ballerinas, had to get an Oscar). Now when he tells his kindergarten boy friends that he has a trophy for dancing, they make fun of him. Ballet is for girls. I tell him to talk about Fred Astair, or Mikhail Breshnikov (sp?), or football players and be proud to be a  non-conformist! Don't you wish more boys had dance lessons? They have to LIFT the girl - no wimpy feat!As for finding dance clothes, check out All About Dance (they have a web and catalog) - they have some selections, although not many. Also, I was able to buy my son black knit pants, and a sleeveless, satiny, sport muscle T in both red and white at WALMART, including his ballet shoes.  Good luck!

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