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Re: Tights Adjustments

written by Dr. Dancebelt  on 16.04. at 13:47:02 - as answer to: Tights Adjustments by lizard62291
First of all, don't buy tights that are too small.  If the legs are too short, they will pull down away from your crotch, no matter what you do to prevent sagging and unibutt.

When putting on your tights, pull them up from the ankle, eliminating all excess fabric as you go.  Rotate the inner side seam more towards the rear as they get further up your leg.  Pull as far up as possible, which means the waistband will end up somewhere around your tits.  

Wrap an elastic or web belt around the tights about an inch below the top, then roll the tights over and over 3 or 4 times until they get back to your natural waist.  The belt will lock them in place so they don't droop and you can dance without worrying about a unibutt.

Some dancers prefer to sew 1" elastic suspenders to their tights to keep them up.  If you orient the rear to the center of the tights, that will also keep tension on the back seam, eliminating the unibutt problem.

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