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Re: Re-assuring my son

written by Tanya Pobitza  on 27.04. at 13:36:14 - as answer to: Re: Re-assuring my son by Pawy at
My son is 11 and has been doing ballet for 5 years. I've recorded all his dance recitals! At first he was embarrassed watching it too, even though he is still small enough to be adequately covered by a tight brief. He was worried about people seeing him in a leotard and tights which he thought was girl's clothes. I told him that leotards were invented and first worn by guys and anyone who thought that dancing was only for girls was stupid.

I also think it helps to normalise the activity by encouraging him to watch his performances a few times, or even to put them on when others are around. My DS was so embarrassed the first time I put on one of his recitals in front of his older sister's friends. But they were great and very encouraging to him and despite my doubts I think it was a great thing to do.

I hope that helps,Tanya

>I have a son who recently performed in white tight but the leotard helped to cover it up. >It sounds like you need to talk to your son and discuss how he feels about it. >But maybe in future he could wear other clothing to solve this problem, such as leotard or thicker tights.>Pawy>>>My son is 13 and has been dancing for 8 years. Recently he took part in a ballet recital with his school. I recorded his performance and when we watched it back together he was embarrassed because even though he was wearing a dancebelt his white tights became pretty revealing under the lights. I'm worried that he may have second thoughts about continuing his lessons. Is there anything I can say to re-assure him or any practical steps he can take the next time he has a recital.

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