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Re: Is there any female ballet dancers that like men that dance ballet?

written by Korinna at  on 08.06. at 09:14:00 - as answer to: Is there any female ballet dancers that like men that dance ballet? by 

Just take your time, don't worry. As far as I can say from my experiences, girls love dancing boys. They have strong bodies with many muscles, they are energetic and a lot more. Just don't be shy!

All the best, Korinna

>Ive been taking ballet for a few years, im straight and love to dance ballet. i admire the elegant gracefullness of female ballet dancers. i wished i have taken it earlier so i would have been a pro but because of fear of others finding out i take ballet scared me and didnt take it. but few years ago i took ballet and fell in love with it. My exgirlfriend was alright with it at first but then she had a fear that i might cheat on her with a fellow classmate in dance class,she cheated on me and we broke up. since then i tried to find another girlfriend but it hasnt worked, ive tried to ask other female dancers but been turned down, i have given up hope, maybe i should become bisexual but i dont like men i love women, would i ever find that perfect somone?>also i was thinking if i should take a ballet class in school but im fearful others would find out i take it like my roomate or friends, should i take that ballet class?? I realy want to maybe i might find someone but im losing hope and im real lonely what should i do?

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