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Re: Re-assuring my son

written by Balletman5 at  on 11.06. at 18:29:00 - as answer to: Re-assuring my son by Maggie
Hey Maggie White tights can be a problem for us guys I'm 24 and have only just got back into Ballet after a 13 year absence. I origianally started ballet when I was 11 after watching my friend Catherine do a solo at my school easter talent show.

I pestered her about doing ballet and she finally gave in and invited me along with her to one of her classes to see what they did. I was lucky enough to take part in that particular class which i really enjoyed. I didn't have the right attire then but Catherine leant me a pair of black shiny lycra cycle shorts and a pair of pink satin ballet slippers and I had a white t-shirt.

I went home and asked my mum that night if I could enroll in the same school Catherine went to and my mum suprisingly said yes but don't tell your dad. I managed to keep it secret for 3 years but after some immature boys in my class at school found out I was taken ballet classes they teased me all the way through my school years so in the end I had to give up what I loved doing when I was 14. My mum and tecaher  and even Catherine tried to reassure me that there was nothing wrong with boys doing ballet and that the lads at school. were just plain immature but I had made up my maind that I was never going to do ballet again and I never did and I regreted it for the next 10 years of my life so tell this story to your son and tell him not to make the same mistake I did because he will regret it.

It took me till I was 19 to pluck up the courage to dance again but never found a school that was prepared to take me seriously but thanks to an old colege frend who's sister is a dance teacher I am back in tights and doing demi piles with the rest of my all female class (yes I am the only guy and that doesn't bother me.

I wear shiny lycra black footless tight over a white cotton short sleeved leotard I also have a sleeveless leotard too and I have no need for a dance belt becaus emy tights are like leggings they have an elasticated waste but he only problem I do have is the one us uys in our 20's have to contend wit is our erections but hey they girls don't mind the have a laugh at the end of class but they don't mean it nastily in a way the sort of feel sorry for me

don't let your son throw away a past time he loves doing !

>My son is 13 and has been dancing for 8 years. Recently he took part in a ballet recital with his school. I recorded his performance and when we watched it back together he was embarrassed because even though he was wearing a dancebelt his white tights became pretty revealing under the lights. I'm worried that he may have second thoughts about continuing his lessons. Is there anything I can say to re-assure him or any practical steps he can take the next time he has a recital.

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