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Re: Is there any female ballet dancers that like men that dance ballet?

written by Mia   on 12.06. at 12:55:00 - as answer to: Is there any female ballet dancers that like men that dance ballet? by 
>Ive been taking ballet for a few years, im straight and love to dance ballet. i admire the elegant gracefullness of female ballet dancers. i wished i have taken it earlier so i would have been a pro but because of fear of others finding out i take ballet scared me and didnt take it. but few years ago i took ballet and fell in love with it. My exgirlfriend was alright with it at first but then she had a fear that i might cheat on her with a fellow classmate in dance class,she cheated on me and we broke up. since then i tried to find another girlfriend but it hasnt worked, ive tried to ask other female dancers but been turned down, i have given up hope, maybe i should become bisexual but i dont like men i love women, would i ever find that perfect somone?>also i was thinking if i should take a ballet class in school but im fearful others would find out i take it like my roomate or friends, should i take that ballet class?? I realy want to maybe i might find someone but im losing hope and im real lonely what should i do?

well the only thing i can suggest is dont be ashamed about it! dont act as if your passion is a weird thing. Enjoy it, if your good at you will gain respect.. dont be to worried about what other people think.. just take things really lightly if your mates start teasing you about ballet just tell them it gets the ladies and that your just jealous you don't have this skill.just act really casual about. still act all manly and whatever. just be like "yer i do ballet. so??" maybe you should also take up a sport as well to help balance it out, for example footy, rugby, soccor and b-ball. whatever really as long as it's not netball or something like that. try to proove to your mates that ballet isnt a girl only thing. As far as the ladies go i guess your js going through a rough patch (a dry season) try changing where you look for girls. try a different dating pool if you know what i mean. just try to show tha ladies that Ballet is like acrobatics and the strength and training involved. the more manly you make it sound the better for you. k i think iv run out of ideas for the moment, any ways i hope this helps good luck mate =)

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