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Re: Under your tights?

written by sammy  on 23.06. at 14:55:00 - as answer to: Re: Under your tights? by Curious George
hi george do u ever get over 2 london uk ?>>Hey Curious George, I only have one life to live and I intend to live it fully, I don't care what others think of me, my style of dressing nor my sexuality. I don't harm others, no sex with girls and especially nothing to do with underage boys! I know because of me being gay and I flaunt myself as an effeminate ballet dancer, I am already contributing to all boys in ballet is gay or will become one. Only in America we stereotype male dancers as fairies, I didn't became gay after I started ballet, I knew I am already one! I also have male friends in the ballet circle that are straight as a flagpole but like my far out personality and company when we go out, they never minded my campyness and some actually acted that they are my boyfriends! We have fun to unwind after class/rehersals/performance. And I must tell you, it's never good to be in a relationship with someone in your dance company, male or female. And I wear a dancebelt to bed way more than in class, as I find my tight thong leo is sufficient to hold my quite small but erect package straight up nomatter what the combination of movements are. If you like to chat and are over 18, I would to chat with you.        >I'd love to not only chat with you but be a friend to. E mail me. Lets talk!!!

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