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Re: Men wearing tights

written by sammy at  on 24.06. at 11:15:00 - as answer to: Re: Men wearing tights by tightsslv at
>> I first wore tights when I was around 9 or so.I'm in the U.K. and it was around that age that women and girls began wearing tights and pantyhose instead of stockings.I would sneak into my older sister's bedroom and try on her tights.She had a lovely pair of black ballet tights she wore to fitness classes and tan colored tights she had to wear to her vacation job in the summer. I loved wearing her tights and pretending I was doing ballet.I knew that boys had to wear tights in ballet class so I secretly fantasised about going to ballet classes.Around the age of 10 I was caught by my sister in her room wearing a pair of her tights.My sister demanded that I be thrashed with the cane but my mother was more understanding and the result was that the following week I commenced ballet lessons at a local dance school proudly weraing my first pair of black ballet tights and a lovely black leotard.Good memories!>>I have been wearing tights since I was 11. My sister and I would play around in my moms tights and leotards. I have worn them ever since. I love the feel.are u anywhere near london ?

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