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Re: Trying pointes

written by Tina Ballerina at  on 15.07. at 23:42:00 - as answer to: Trying pointes by seb
>I've been taking ballet for over 10 years and I have a very good technique>I want to start pointes but I am not too sure where to start being a boy >Do they make pointes shoes for guys ? Shall I go to a ballet shop for a proper fitting? Also what tights shall I wear , do I need convertible>Thanks for your help guys and girls if any out there

I think it's cool that you want to try pointe. I have a guy in my pointe class and he found out real quick what hard work pointe is. Even though he had been dancing for 10 years!! You can go to any dancewear store and get yourself fitted with pointe shoes. Pointes are available from a lot of different manufacturers and I'm sure you can get a pair that fits your feet correctly. You can get them in either white or black, unless you're brave enough to wear pink pointes!! As to what tights to wear? You can wear your regular black tights with your pointes. Also don't forget about padding for your feet and you might want to start learning how to sew ribbons onto your pointe shoes. You can practice on an old pairs of flats. Don't worry about being the only guy in your pointe class. Yes, the girls will giggle, some will look down on you, but most of them will accept you once you learn to dance "En Pointe" Good luck!!

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