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Re: Pink tights?

written by Bob at  on 19.08. at 20:35:00 - as answer to: Pink tights? by Ballerina Dave at
Yes, I really like them.  Women say one should wear pink tights because it shows the legs really well, and they are right.  I think I prefer light pink to ballet pink.  I know it sounds strange, but I like to wear what the girls wear --- pink tights, leotard, and a nice ballet skirt (to hide my parts as well; I'm modest).  After the initial shock of trying it, I found this outfit suits me better than the "role" I was expected to play for so many years as a man in dance, so I'm happier too.  Other people don't talk much about it one way or the other, which I like as well; I feel that they respect my choices.

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