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Re: Skimming the Surface

written by Snow King at  on 27.09. at 16:52:00 - as answer to: Skimming the Surface by Josef at
hi josef,

i think i know what you're teacher means...a big clue is that you say you are doing pretty fast combinations...when you learn the combination, be sure you look for all the places where there are demi-plies in the combination...and be sure to do the plies fully...lots of times they have to be done pretty fast...but look for those plies and be sure to really use them.

ballet guys rock!

snow king

>Hey,>I wrote this message once already but it didn't show up on the message board, so I am trying again.>I didn't start ballet classes till I was in my late teens.  I have studied for three years now.  I am taking intermediate/advanced classes and am keeping up pretty well.  I can do pretty fast combinations going across the floor.>I am getting this criticism from my teacher that I don't completely understand.  He says I don't use the floor enough when I dance.  He says I kind of skimn along the surface.>If any of you guys can help me understand this criticism, I'd appreciate it.  I love ballet.  I'm really determined to be a ballet dancer.>Josef

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