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Re: The more I can't do it, the more I can't do it

written by vicky ruane  on 06.10. at 03:09:00 - as answer to: Re: The more I can't do it, the more I can't do it by 
>I think the only thing is just to live through it.  The more you worry>about it, the more trouble you'll have with it.  My own worst problem in>the early years was the tour jete.  (From that you can see that I had never>encountered chainee turns!)  And it was a long time before the day came>when, given a t-j combination, I heard something inside me say, "Well, how>hard can it be?" & I was suddenly able to do them.  I still remember the>dumbfounded look on Maria Youskevitch's face; she was always amazed when I>did *anything* without falling on my face....>Tom Parsonsans: bravo on your jete tour,i know, i was in a class with maria youskevitch present too.

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