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Re: Pink tights?

written by pink  on 04.06. at 12:07:50 - as answer to: Re: Pink tights? by Ballerina Dave at
>>>Any of you real men brave enough to wear pink tights during your ballet class? I do and I love it. The girls in my ballet/pointe class love making me more "girlie". One of them named Tina even lends me pairs of her pink tights to wear to class. She knows I'm not trying to get into her tights, but still we're best of friends. So any of you real macho male ballerinas ever try the forbidden fruit of pink tights?<br>>>Ballerina Dave..most of us live in the real world ,namely planet Earth.Of course you wear pink tights to ballet class ! Nurse more mediaction for this nutcase!!<br>>His name is Billy Bob or Billy Boob is one step away from Deliverance and Dukes of Hazard basically he is a retard LOL a redneck but I'm over stating the point same difference. Take the critism from which it comes Dave. He is an idiot an outdated concept of what he feels a man is supposed to be. LMAO!!!<p>You're all just jealous!!!<br>i also wear pink tights aswell as pink lace leotard,satin shoes and short pink floral wrap skirt

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