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Re: Binders?

written by Dancing Doc at  on 10.07. at 21:29:52 - as answer to: Re: Binders? by lucas at
>What are these "binders" you mention?>I was on another ballet message board and they were talking about male dancers "tying" their packages to completely eliminate the bulge somehow. Does anyone know what that means? Is that the same as "binders"?>Not that I would ever want to do anything weird (I take my dancing seriously) but as a student dancer, I like to be informed as much as possible and know all the options.

>>>>There's lots of "weird" advice out there?  Where did you get the advice on "tying" a package? (I'd like to see what they're takinbg about.)

I've seen all sorts of "binders," primarily dancebelts made out of very strong, non-elastic materials.  I wouldn't advocate these.

Your dancebelt should be comfortable.  I use a foam cup in mine, which allows for movement, and "softens" the fit.  It also provides for a more uniform external appearance.

With regards to possible "tying," I've known dancers who wear cock-rings, elastic or leather straps, etc., all with the goal of drawing the testicles up and away from the body. HOWEVER, things like this that are too tight, too inelastic, etc. can cause injury.

There's been a lot written on this board about the appearance between the legs.  I've heard and seen a lot during my years. (I could write a book!)  Leave an e-mail address if you have any specific questions.  Good luck!  

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