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Re: Dancing in a Bar

written by   on 06.12. at 21:15:54 - as answer to: Re: Dancing in a Bar by Dancing Fool
>>A boy in my dance school referred me to a bar owner who has offered me work dancing in an all male bar.  I'm trying to maintain a full schedule of ballet classes six days a week, and support myself with a telemarketing job.  This bar job would mean enough money to live on, and give me more time for classes.  Should I do it?  Is this the kind of thing an aspiring classical dancer should do?  Have any of you guys done a dancing job like that?>>Dancer Guy>The main problem with this is, it could kill your career before it even starts.  This is the sort of publicity no company wants to be associated with.  Even if you kept it quiet, your picture will end up in a gay paper, which will be passed along to your fellow students, instructor, etc.

>>>I agree this could hurt your career.  I have been offered to do same thing and it can be good money.  I said no right away cause that is just not me. I was telling one of my instructors and she said that you never know who will be there to spread rumors even if you do not allow yourself to be touched or get fully naked.  Plus she pointed out that if it does get out that many directors, studios etc. want their dancers to have a positive image so that they reflect the same and not as having show cased dirty dancers and may use you.  You may want to think about how this looks on your resume and not only how it will you at the moment but the future.

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