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Re: Under your tights?

written by Curious George  on 18.06. at 18:36:00 - as answer to: Re: Under your tights? by Krissi
>With me being the only male in class, and everybody over 20, and the "girls" knew I am gay and flaunt my effeminacy; I am actually loved by the females as they know I have no interest with them. I just hope a boy walk into class and see me with my white tights under black thong leotards! I am mostly hard down there and the girls loved it, some girls make a pointe to casually rub her slippers onto my hardness while we are waiting to do the next routine, I get harder but it's all in good fun. I will not be a good enough ballet dancer to make it to New York or any good dance company. Buy it's good enough for me to wear what I want andf doing pointe work where all the girls treat me as one of them.  

Gay or straight, you're one cool dude!!!

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